Hadasit Company Profile

Transforming Research into Life-Saving Technologies

Hadasit is the technology transfer company of Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. We transform the cutting-edge research coming out of Hadassah into marketable medical technologies. We turn ground-breaking ideas into viable products and services that can change the world and better humanity.

For more than a century, Hadassah has set the standard of excellence for medical care and research in Israel. Our doctors and scientists are on the frontlines, uniquely positioned to pinpoint ever-evolving medical needs. Their experience and ingenuity has yielded new ideas with huge potential in all areas of medicine, including therapeutics, diagnostic medical devices, and digital health.

More than half of all hospital research in Israel is conducted at Hadassah. Hadasit is Hadassah’s vehicle for commercialization of the intellectual property and R&D capabilities developed there. Hadasit holds exclusive rights to every innovation and invention emerging from Hadassah and we are dedicated to bringing these life-saving technologies to the general public.

Bringing Ideas from Lab to Market

Hadasit identifies, protects, nurtures and commercializes the discoveries made at Hadassah Medical Center. We assist physicians and researchers in identifying unmet medical needs, aligning inventions with market and regulatory expectations, and raising funds to support proof-of-concept development. Hadasit also handles the contractual aspects of all services offered to the industry, as well as pre-clinical studies conducted at Hadassah.

An Industry Leader

Hadasit spins off companies, licenses technologies, and collaborates with leading international companies and research facilities. Our portfolio includes more than 250 families of active patents which have yielded numerous medical and commercial breakthroughs. This includes the blockbuster drug Doxil which was invented together with the Hebrew University. Developed in cooperation with Johnson & Johnson, the drug is used as part of chemotherapy treatment for ovarian and breast cancers.

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