Hadasit Seminar 5.04.22: “Algorithms and AI Tools as Commercial Assets in the Biomedical Domain”

Recordings of the seminar: "Algorithms and AI tools as commercial assets in the biomedical domain" 5.04.22
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Greg Kirsch, US Patent Attorney, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, USA . "Strategies for protecting with patents computer software and AI inventions in the biomedical sciences: separating the myth from the reality"

Shai Rosenberg, Head of Service for Computational Medicine, Hadassah Medical Center - "Case study on Digital Medicine and Artificial Intelligence for the treatment of cancer patients"

Erez Naaman, CTO and Co-founde at Scopio  Labs sharing Case Study on IP strategy of digital health startup

Dror Zur, CEO at Magentiq Eye LTD. "The Relevance of Intellectual
Property Assets for AI based companies"

Edith Sokol, Founding Partner Patent Attorney at Cohn De Vries Stadler and Co. 
"Value of IP in algorithm-based technologies - the VC perspective".