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Hadasit Newsletter - June 2022

Semi-Annual Highlights

We are pleased to share some of our achievements from the first half of 2022. Hadassah’s innovation ecosystem continues to thrive after winning two major tenders from the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA) – the first in cooperation with NGT HealthCare II to incubate startups and the second with Hadassah R&D to establish Hadassah’s digital infrastructure.

Congratulations to Prof. Yoram Weiss on his recent appointment as Director General of the Hadassah Medical Organization. We wish him every success and are confident that, under his leadership, Hadassah and Hadasit will continue to be leaders in medical research and technology, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Hadasit & NGT HealthCare II Kickoff
$30 Million Collaboration

Hadasit & NGT HealthCare II Kickoff<br/>$30 Million Collaboration

After winning the Israel Innovation Authority tender to establish a technological incubator, VC firm NGT HealthCare II has kicked off its collaboration with Hadasit, creating a fund of $30 million to initiate startups, including ones that will be based on Hadassah technologies and IP.

Hadasit, the technology transfer company of Hadassah, joined the fund as a new strategic partner, together with T3, the commercialization arm of the Technion.

The NGT HealthCare II team understands the challenges inherent in developing early-stage technologies into companies and bridging the gap between academia and industry. A number of novel Hadassah-based projects have already been screened and, upon approval, will join the incubator and receive appropriate funding.

If you would like to see your technology join the incubator, please contact the Hadasit BD team: Ariel Rabin, or Sarit Batsir,

Read more about the collaboration here.

Hadassah Selected to Participate in National Digital
Health Initiative

Hadassah Selected to Participate in National Digital<br/>Health Initiative

Hadassah and Hadasit were selected as one of five Israeli hospitals (including Tel Hashomer, Rambam, Assuta, and Rabin) to establish a digital infrastructure for sharing clinical tests as part of a new, $30 million national digital health initiative. Hadassah will receive dedicated funding to build the digital infrastructure required for anonymized data sharing and R&D collaborations with healthcare startups.

Click here to read more about the initiative and Hadassah’s winning proposal projects.

Hadasit Spring Seminar: “Algorithms & AI Tools as
Commercial Assets in the Biomedical Domain”

Hadasit Spring Seminar: “Algorithms & AI Tools as<br/>Commercial Assets in the Biomedical Domain”


In April, Hadasit and the Hadassah Accelerator hosted their spring seminar at BioHouse. Hadassah researchers learned first-hand from patent attorneys and startup entrepreneurs about research and commercialization in the fields of AI and machine learning.

Listen to the insightful talks here.

State-of-the-Art Hadassah Organoid Center
Seeks Collaborators

State-of-the-Art Hadassah Organoid Center<br/>Seeks Collaborators


The opening event of Hadassah’s state-of-the-art Organoid Center was held on May 25th. Supported by the Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization and Hadassah R&D, the event featured nine speakers representing various research groups across Israel, Europe and the US.

Companies interested in working with organoids as part of their product validation and development are invited to contact Hadasit for more information: Masha Zavin, Marketing Manager, R&D Services,

Director Dr. Myriam Grunewald discusses the Center’s work in the field of personalized medicine in this video.

Company Spotlight: BrainWatch Tech Launches
First-in-Human Clinical Trial

Company Spotlight: BrainWatch Tech Launches<br/>First-in-Human Clinical Trial


Hadasit portfolio company BrainWatch Tech has launched a first-in-human clinical trial at the Neurological ICU Department of Hadassah Ein Kerem. The company is testing a real-time, automatic monitoring system of pupillary light reflex through closed eyes for neurological status of unconscious patients in cases of traumatic brain injury, stroke, and brain surgery.

The technology originated from the partnership between Prof. Jose Cohen, Head of the Endovascular Neurosurgery Unit at Hadassah Medical Center, Dr. Yosef Farage of the Hebrew University, and Ilan Carmel. The company was established as part of BioDesign, a biomedical innovation program of the Hebrew University in collaboration with Hadassah Medical Center.

Ilan Carmel, CEO of BrainWatch Tech says: “The current clinical trial led by Prof. Guy Rosenthal, Head of the Neuro Intensive Care Unit in the Department of Neurosurgery at Hadassah, is an important milestone in our product development path and we are very optimistic about the preliminary results we’ve received.”

Visit their website.

Call for Collaboration: Hadassah Researchers
and Clinicians Invited to Partner with
Azrieli College Engineers for
Novel Bio-Convergence Project

Call for Collaboration: Hadassah Researchers<br/>and Clinicians Invited to Partner with<br/>Azrieli College Engineers for<br/>Novel Bio-Convergence Project


A team from the Azrieli Engineering and Pharmaceutical Engineering Departments has developed biodegradable adhesive materials demonstrating slow release for clinical use as therapy and/or delivery of active agents. The technology may be compatible with mucosal, dermal, Pharynx, muscle and other tissues.

The inventors are looking for clinical cooperation at Hadassah, which can be funded through the “Meitsei Mada” (מאיצי מדע) accelerator program of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space. For more information, please contact Dr. Sarit Batzir,

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