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Founded in 1944, the Blood Bank is open  around the clock throughout the year. It includes a Blood Donor Service, a Laboratory Service and a Hepatitis Laboratory, and is the only Hospital Blood Bank in Israel with a large frozen store of red blood cells. The Laboratory Service tests patients’ blood, provides blood tests and components for transfusion, and performs paternity testing. Approximately one in every 200 patients tested carries an antibody requiring special diagnosis.

Since 1977, Hadassah has been a member of SCARF, the international rare blood exchange program, and the Medical Center’s diagnostic sera have been shipped to 50 blood banks in 10 countries.

 Laboratory Highlights

In addition to all routine blood tests carried out for blood typing, to detect antibodies to red blood cells and to assure the quality of blood portions according to Ministry of Health specifications (testing for HBV, HIV1/2, HCV, HTLV I,II and syphilis), the Blood Bank provides a large number of additional services. These include:

  • Testing for MDR
  • Molecular testing for resistance to chemotherapy
  • Molecular diagnosis of malignant cells
  • Cytochemical staining for identification of malignant cells
  • Molecular diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies

 Laboratory Director

The Director of the Blood Bank is Dr. Orly Zelig.

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