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The Central Laboratory is committed to providing a wide range of medical laboratory services. It is both an analytical laboratory and a reference laboratory, providing extensive services in the broad disciplines of:

  • Clinical Biochemistry (including Chemistry, Immunochemistry, Blood gases, Enzymology, Special Proteins, etc.)
  • Hematology (including Coagulation)
  • Endocrinology (including Fertility)
  • Oncology (tumor markers)
  • Toxicology (Drugs of Abuse)
  • Clinical Pharmacology (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)

More than 3.5 Million laboratory tests are performed annually by the Central laboratory using more than 200 different test procedures.  The laboratory serves the two Hadassah hospitals, as well as other hospitals and clinics in Israel and abroad.

Consultation by laboratory professionals is provided on analyte and methodology selection, result interpretation, and the relationship of laboratory parameters to specific patient groups/disease states. The laboratory also provides professional support in specimen collection and preparation procedures, and serves clinical studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of experimental drugs.

The Central Laboratory is accredited through the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority in compliance with ISO-15189 International Standard for Medical Laboratories.

Laboratory Director

The Director of the Central Laboratory is Prof. Abd Al-Roof Higazi, M.D.  Prof. Higazi, who is Head of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, has served as consultant to the pharmaceutical companies Abbot Laboratories and Angstrom Ltd. and is  the founder of a bio-technological start-up company (Thrombotech Ltd.).

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