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Clinical Immunology and Allergy Unit

The Clinical Immunology and Allergy Unit is responsible for the management of patients with allergic, autoimmune and immunodeficiency disorders, as well as other pathological conditions of the immune system. The Unit is also responsible for the clinical immunology laboratory and the allergy laboratory, which provide all routine services. The Unit offers a consultation service.  The physicians in the unit have expertise in allergic and immunological side effects of drugs and in analysis of drug safety considerations throughout all stages of preclinical and clinical development.

Laboratory Director
The Director of the Clinical Immunology and Allergy Unit is Dr. Yuval Tal, M.D., Ph.D. The main research projects of the unit focus on autoimmunity, SLE, autoimmune arthritis, vasculitis, auto-inflammatory diseases and immunedeficiency. Additional cardinal proficiency of the units is the clinical and physiology of the variety of allergic responses as well as molecular and cellular features of innate and acquired immunity. The projects include analysis of the following:

  • Molecular and cellular aspects of autoimmunity, immune deficiency and allergy
  • Basic immunology: cellular and molecular mechanisms
  • Role of protective antibodies in autoimmune arthritis
  • The target antigen in SLE
  • Pathogenicity of lupus and anti-phospholipids antibodies
  • Tolerance Mechanisms in Lupus-prone mice
  • The pathogenesis of the allergic response
  • Mechanisms of drug allergy
  • Clinical and molecular aspects of allergic diseases
  • Mechanisms and genetics of immunedeficiency

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