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The Coagulation Unit provides platelet function testing and studies in coagulation models. Specifically, the Coagulation Unit routinely carries out platelet aggregation and bleeding assays. It can provide endothelial cell models, angiogenesis models and models for clot formation, both in vitro and in vivo. The Coagulation Unit has collaborated with several Israeli and international companies providing platelet coagulation and in vivo bleeding testing as well as drug response testing and in vitro and in vivo endothelial and angiogenesis assays. The Unit is also available for consultation and counseling.

The Coagulation Unit specializes in platelet function testing to evaluate response to anti platelet drugs. The Unit also has a cone and platelet analyzer (CPA) and has developed a proprietary assay which employs the CPA to examine platelet aggregation and adhesion under shear. The unit has elaborated experience in animal models such as mice and zebra fish, as well as human clinical trials.

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