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The Pathology Laboratories are part of the Department of Pathology.  They provide all cytopathology, histopathology and molecular pathology diagnostic services to our industrial partners as well as to the Hadassah University Hospitals and other hospitals and institutions.

The Pathology Laboratories are fully equipped for tissue processing, sectioning, staining and diagnosis.  The equipment includes embedders, microtomes, ultra-microtome, cryostats, tissue processors, automatic tissue strainers for histochemistry/immunohistochemistry and fluorescent and electron microscopes. In addition, a next generation sequencing, nanostring and cobas instruments for molecular pathology diagnosis are available.

The laboratories offer services in preparation of FFPE and cell-blocks, tissue sectioning and various staining techniques. Interpretation and diagnosis services include basic morphometry, interpretation of pathological changes in human tissues and laboratory animals at the light microscopic level, interpretation of immunofluorescence findings, including expression of disease markers, and interpretation of electron microscopic findings.

Laboratory Director

The Director of the Pathology Laboratories is Professor Eli Pikarski who is the Head of the Department of Pathology.  Professor Pikarski research laboratory is focusing on identifying tumor initiation and progression markers in different cancer models, which allow for a better understanding and new treatment possibilities for cancer patients.

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