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Pharmacogenomic Unit

The Pharmacogenomic Unit offers services for gene expression profiling, genotyping, comparative genomic hybridization and CGH analyses using Affymetrix microarrays. SNP microarrays are available for mapping the whole genome at high resolution.  The platform is suitable for multiple purposes including genomic mapping of diseases and identification of small genomic alterations.  The services offered include consulting, protocol design, DNA probe printing, probe production, tagging and cleaning RNA, hybridization and membrane processing.

Those planning to use these services are advised to consult with researchers in the Pharmacogenomic Unit prior to running their experiments. Specifically, those who need help with data analysis or advice on experiment planning should contact the bioinformatics support team.

Service Director

The DNA service is directed by Prof. Judith Melki (Director of the Department of Genetics) and the Gene Expression service is directed by Dr. Daniel Goldenberg (Gene Therapy Institute).

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