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The Diabetes laboratory at Hadassah Hospital provides several in vivo experimental procedures for the investigators in the diabetes research community. Our approach is based on a sequence of procedural building blocks that allow customization of any service request according to your specific needs. You have the option to select any entry point and exit point in our workflow. Dr. Sarah Zangen, the core director, and Dr Aviram Kogot-Levin wide and long experience in rat in vivo studies offer animals treatments, in vivo tissue collection, and tissue sampling.

Laboratory Director

Dr. Sarah Zangen has a more than 20 years’ experience in rat in vivo and in vitro studies using a large range of different experimental protocols. We have successfully published studies in prestigious peer review papers using in vivo methods on the unique rat model of nutritionaly induced diabetes  “the Cohen diabetic rat” . (Weksler-Zangen S et al, Diabetes 2001 & 2008; AJP 2013, 2014, Aharon-Hannanel G. AJP 2015 &  Diabetes, 2015 ; Kogot-Levin A, PLoSe-One 2016.

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