Myringoseal – non invasive tympanic membrane repair (BioDesign)

Type: Medical Devices
Sector: ENT


Tympanic Membrane Perforation (TMP) is caused by a variety of different processes such as middle ear infection,direct trauma,and poor post-operative healing following ventilation tubes insertion. TMP limit subjects ability to expose their ear to water,as well as lead to decreased hearing, autophony, pain and chronic ear discharge due to secondary infection.

The current procedure for TMP repair requires an open surgery under general anesthesia where by an incision is made in order to raise the tympanome at a flap. The purpose of this aggressive stage is only to reach the medial side of the eardrum in order to securely place a graft. The procedure averages at 3hours, costing an average of $7,500 per surgery.


MyringoSeal offers a noninvasive solution for the repair of tympanic membrane perforation.The device delivers bio-compatible self expanding graft through the perforation itself, thus obviating the need for incisions.This technique shortens the procedure to 30 minutes and requires only a topical anesthesia.

Indication / Application:


Competitive advantages:

  • No incisions
  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Quick Recovery
  • Topical instead of general anesthesia
  • Day surgery

Development stage:


This project is part of our BioDesign program.

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Dr. Menachem Gross

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Ariel Rabin
VP Business Development, Medical Devices