SubQUser - Subcutaneous rehydration device (BioDesign)

Type: Medical Devices
Sector: Geriatrics


Elderly individuals may suffer from dehydration due to inadequate intake of fluids, generally due to dementia, nausea, cancer or sedation. Subcutaneous injection, accomplished by inserting a small needle under the skin, is the preferred way to give fluids to patients who are dehydrated or at risk of dehydration. Elderly individuals can need up to 1000 ml of fluids a day injected.Currently, a trained caretaker needs to insert the needle. With absence of proper trained professionals it can lead to inflammation, infection and hospitalizations. In the US there are about 800,000 patients enrolled in home hospice with fluid and electrolyte disorders being one of the ten most frequent causes for hospitalization in the elderly, with over 300,000 cases per year, and associated medical costs of over $1B USD.


Our solution is a handheld semi-automatic device, which will pinch the skin and insert a needle under it at the right depth and angle. The user will only need to apply a clear plastic dressing over the needle to fix it in place.

Indication / Application:


Competitive advantages:

  • Portable solution
  • Reliable ease of use - by non-trained individuals
  • Safety - lower risk for infection and misses

Development stage:

Concept stage

This project is part of our BioDesign program.

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Dr. Elchanan Fried
Dr. Moshe Simons

Contact Info:

Ariel Rabin
VP Business Development, Medical Devices