Allogeneic Tumor Cell Vaccination

Type: Life Science & Biotech
Sector: Oncology

Novel approaches for cancer management for adavnced stage melanoma patients are a significant unmet clinical need.

A Novel tool for active immunization of cancer patients by using modified tumor cell lines expressing MHC-I and co-stimulatory molecules.


The cell line platform is based on successful clinical trials led by Prof. Lotem with both autologous and allogeneic melanoma vaccines.

Indications / Applications:

    Tumor-cell based vaccine with enforced immunogenicity as an “off the shelf product". The vaccine is tailor-made for MHC-I matching and enhanced by the expression of co-stimulatory molecule The vaccines can be used independently as a single treatment like an adjuvant treatment for metastatic patients or in combinations with other therapies.

Competitive Advantage:
A Novel approach that was tested in clinical trial for high risk or low residual disease melanoma patients – phase I/II Study. The study was designed for patients who had malignant melanoma and following tumor removal are free of disease, or have only very minor residual disease and are at a very high risk of disease recurrence.

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Prof. Michal Lotem

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Tal Almog