Stilbene Derivatives For Treatment and Prevention Aquatic Mold Infection.

Type: Life Science & Biotech
Sector: Infectious Diseases-Microbiology-Virology

Unmet need

Water molds such as Saprolegnia and Aphanomyces species are responsible for devastating infections in fish. The oomycete Saprolegnia sp. is economically one of the most important fish pathogens, especially on salmon and trout species. It causes tens of million dollar losses to aquaculture business orldwide. These infections are second only to bacterial diseases.
Innovation -

A safe and highly effective compound in both prophylactic and curative Tilapia-Saprolegniasis models. The compoundis non-toxic to phytoplankton, zooplankton, fish & mice, therapeutically effective for treatment of saprolegniasis in various fish-eggs. It also caused integrity disruption of Saprolegnia cell wall and exhibited reduced toxicity after treatment in earth ponds. Moreover, itwas highly effective for treatment of Saprolegnia infection in concrete ponds.

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Prof. Itzhack Polacheck

Contact Info:

Tal Almog