An artemisinin derivative for the Treatment of CMV Viral Infections.

Type: Pharmaceuticals
Sector: Infectious Diseases-Microbiology-Virology


Novel approach for the treatment of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection. The technology addresses unmet medical need in the field of CMV management. The use of currently available anti-CMV drugs is limited due to toxicity, low oral bioavailability and drug resistance.

We have a pre- clinical proof of concept demonstrating the utility of a small molecule as an anti-viral agent (NDA will be required to disclose the identity of our candidate compound). The compound was also proven to be safe and efficacious in a phase I-II clinical study conducted by a major biopharmaceutical company for another indication.

Indications / Applications:
Treatment and prevention of human cytomegalovirus infection. Prophylaxis & treatment in transplant patients. Treatment of symptomatic and asymptomatic congenital infection. Prevention of maternal-fetal transmission in pregnant woman. Treatment of symptomatic infection in healthy individuals.

Competitive Advantages:

Novel, orally administered, potent and safe, anti - HCMV drug for the prevention and treatment of HCMV infection.

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Prof. Dana Wolf

Contact Info:

Tal Almog